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Our welcome for dogs


We love dogs and are always happy when our guests decide to share their holidays with their canine companions.

All around Montecarlo there are wonderful paths through Mediterranean bush, olive groves, and vineyards that are great to walk along with your dog and our large garden is entirely fenced off.

In the company and under the attentive supervision of their human companions, dogs can circulate in every area of our Structure which our human guests also have access to, with the sole exception of the fenced-in area around the swimming pool, to which access is precluded for hygienic reasons.

This requires, though, that our four-legged guests have excellent socialization skills with both people and other dogs and that therefore, by natural disposition  and life experience, they are able to share the spaces of the Structure in a peaceful, balanced, and quiet manner; 

this is an assessment that must be made with due care, taking into account that there might be children playing and running around in the garden as well as the presence of other dogs. 
It remains our absolute priority that your holiday as well as that of the other guests can be spent in a peaceful and relaxed environment. 

Should you, therefore, wish to visit us with your four-legged companion, please contact us in good time in order to jointly explore the possibility. 

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